Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Even though it's 84 degrees in my part of Alabammy, there's still a slight breeze and the feel of fall almost in reach.

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods this first fall day of 2015?

Author Savannah Rose


Wow! It's amazing how quickly time goes by. It's like I blink and a month (or a few) has passed. Just to keep you all up-to-date, I've been working on revising and editing manuscripts. Now, I'm working on query letters. And hopefully in the months ahead, I'll be ready to send my babies out to some agents (praying every single day that I've not done this all in vain). Scared crazy is not a strong enough description of the state of mind I'm experiencing but it's about time I finally move to the next step.

The realization that I've let another year go by and haven't really moved any closer to the goal I set for myself five years ago is a little heartbreaking. BUT, I will NOT give up.

Over the past fifteen years (or more), I've worked on seven novels. I self-published these novels as e-books. Some did very well, others didn't. Some people felt the need to publish nasty reviews that had nothing to do with the manuscript(s) but more (now I know) with me, the author. However, there were some useful reviews criticizing my writing, grammar, etc. I've taken those reviews to heart and removed the novels to focus on re-writes. Boy, were some of those reviews correct. I've taken the last year to study published authors' work, re-read through several books on writing novels, then revised six of the seven novels (after an author mental breakdown and loss of my confidence).

So, it's back to blogging. Working on building my platform. Focusing on sending out query letters. And creating new characters, southern towns, and love stories.

Over the last year, I've felt lost--miserably lost. As for the future? New goals are written in ink. A new vision has been revealed to me. I'm still, somewhat, confused but not as much as before. The term (as bad as I hate to use it) YOLO is now a part of my morning routine pep talk. I've reached the conclusion, if the good Lord allowed me to wake for another day, I would NOT waste it.

As for living with electricity, food, running water, and satellite television I must continue the day job I started thirteen years go (and, hopefully, will complete in twelve). As for my sanity--I'll continue to create characters, beautiful southern towns, and love stories. And hopefully along the way, I'll learn to schedule more time to share my experiences through this blog with all of you--my blogger buds.

Author Savannah Rose