Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello World! Meet Aleah Rae Pitts

"Hello, brand new baby girl."

Meet my great-niece Aleah Ray Pitts. This is my twin sister's new granddaughter. (And that's me holding her.) Ain't she pretty?

She was born on January 15, 2015. New year. New life. New dreams.

Author Savannah Rose

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


So, Da Hubs and I have been contemplating the idea of putting our house on the market. Yes, I love my home but if I could pick it up and place it in the middle of 5-10 acres (mostly wooded), I definitely would. Being almost halfway through our working careers, we don't want something that will take until the end of time to pay off. A fixer upper ranch or farmhouse, about 2000 square feet, and lots, and lots, and LOTS of land (Da Hubs prefers wooded land. He does not like yard work/mowing) would be marvelous but for now, we love our little ranch house with our half acre land.

Last night, after he came home from his night classes (yes, get the man child nearly finished with college and Da Hubs signs up), we looked around on the great WWW to see what was out there. Not much to choose from; however, I did get a good idea of what I could ask for the tiny ranch house, if and when a For Sale sign is planted in the front yard.

Until the decision is made, I figured I'd try making our backyard a little more cozy and entertainment friendly. Below is just a couple of projects I plan to tackle:

After the deck remodel last year, we found ourselves with a large stack of lumber next to the shed. What better way to repurpose old wood by building an outside table and some benches?

Seating is a must when it comes to family gatherings. Last count was 35-36 people (and that's just my side of the family). These salvaged chairs turned into lovely benches are just what my large, open, country backyard is begging for.

DIY projects are piling up. I'm gathering cans, mason jars, old wine bottles, cloth material, and plenty of clothespins. Can't reveal everything just yet, but stay tuned and you'll soon find out.

In the meantime...tell me how you keep busy to ward off those nasty winter blues. Besides writing, I've found that planning out some projects for warmer days and looking up recipes for backyard bbq's has kept my spirits soaring high.

Author Savannah Rose

Monday, January 5, 2015

MY "HOPES" FOR 2015...

Today began a new year at the 40-hour-week job. After being home for 2 weeks, I have to admit my enthusiasm wasn't very high to get up at 5:00 a.m. and start the old routine of smearing on the war paint and smoothing out the mane. However, I also have to admit that I'm very blessed to be able to get up and do all that only to sit for 40 hours a week when I'd rather be home writing. In other words, I'm blessed to be as healthy as I am.

As I sat in my warm house on New Year's Eve day, I reflected on the year coming to an end and what I hoped for the year about to begin. I do NOT make New Year's Resolutions. What's the point? My take on that subject is that it's just a setup for failure. And who needs that in their life? Not me, for sure.

So, what I will publicly say is that I hope that 2015 is the year that I actually re-publish all of my novels. I hope that I find the courage to finally write those dreaded letters to send out to the traditional publishing houses. I hope that I am able to complete at least one more novel. I hope to find the energy to get my walking shoes on and walk at least a mile or two a day (when the weather warms up). I hope to find more time to spend with family. And, last but surely not least, I hope to finally figure out a way to post blogs in a more timely

Happy New Year, blogger-buds. What are your "hopes" for 2015?

Author Savannah Rose