Friday, July 24, 2020

Saying Goodbye To My Ella Mae

It's been a long, stressful, depressing couple of weeks. After finding out my cat, Ella Mae, had diabetes, we realized she wasn't responding to treatment. She'd already given up. So, Tuesday, July 14, Brian and I said goodbye to our sweet girl. She would have been 11 on August 19, 2020. Even though she was our feisty feline, she was family.

We rescued Ella Mae (originally named Cruella de Vil), on Valentine's Day 2010. She was born (estimated) on August 19, 2009. She was more than a cat. She was my friend. She always laid on my house shoes whenever I wrote books. She was the first to greet me in the morning with her gentle, almost silent, meow. She brought so much joy to my life. And I only hope she knew how much she was loved.

Sometimes I walk through the house and expect to see her trotting behind me with her belly swinging back and forth. Sometimes I still feel her laying under my chair, on top of my house shoes, just being in the room with me as I edit a book. Instead, her ashes are in a beautiful wooden box next to the picture of another gentle feline soul, Balki, my cat of 17 years that passed more than 20 years ago.

Yes, it's been a rough couple of weeks. My life will go on. I do not plan to get another cat. The hurt is too painful. As I mentioned in my last blog, if you own a cat and you're not aware of the signs of feline diabetes, please educate yourself.

I hope everyone is healthy and thriving during these uncertain times.

Angela Hood-Ross
Live, Laugh, Love.

Friday, July 10, 2020

2020...What's Next?

2020...What's next? To say I wished this year would end is an understatement. However, I don't want to rush time. But...

My cat, Ella, was diagnosed Tuesday with feline diabetes. For me, that was a relief considering I was prepared for the worse. Since she's been at the vet, I've tried to educate myself more on this disease; how to care for her, how to give her shots, everything I might need to know to make sure she's healthy the rest of her days.

For those of you with fur babies, please educate yourself on the signs of diabetes. Had I known what to look for, I probably would have taken her to be tested much sooner.

These are some of the signs I've been told: increase in thirst, frequent urination, increase in appetite, rapid weight loss, and not wanting to socialize. I'm sure there are more, but these are the most common signs.

So...2020? Whatcha got for me next? After the last few months, I feel I can take on anything now (within reason).

How are things in your part of the world?

(Picture of Miss Ella)

(UPDATE): Miss Ella Mae passed away on June 14, 2020. Rest in peace sweet girl.

Angela Hood-Ross
Live, Laugh, Love

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Book Release Day!

This post is a little later than I intended, but I have a huge announcement. I published my 13th book today!

Winter (Book Two of the Season Sisters series) is now available on Barnes and Noble (eBook), Amazon (eBook, and Paperback), and Smashwords (eBook). eBook is only $4.99 and paperback is $11.99.

To celebrate the release day of the second book in this series, the eBook Autumn (Book One of the Season Sisters series) is on sale for a limited time.

Use the code BNPAutumn75 at the Barnes and Noble checkout to receive 75% off the original eBook price of $4.99 (sale begins June 24, 2020 and ends July 5, 2020).

Use the code ED87Q at the Smashwords checkout to receive 75% off the original eBook price of $4.99 (sale begins June 20, 2020 and ends July 5, 2020).

And, the eBook on is listed at only $1.25 beginning June 20, 2020 and ending July 5, 2020. (Click Author Pages in the upper right hand corner of this blog site to access my Author Page at

It's been a busy couple of days. I hope you all are doing well. Below is a little blurb about the overall series. There's going to be two more books in this series. Spring will release on September 22, 2020 and Summer will release on December 21, 2020. I hope you all will check them out.

The Season Sister series is four books that follow the lives of quadruplet sisters not allowed to venture far from their family farm. Not knowing if any of the sisters would live through their first night on earth, their parents coddled and sheltered them from the outside world.

Follow the stories of the four Season Sisters; Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. A miracle from God. An answered prayer for their parents. The Beaucoup, Alabama, quadruplets are about to learn how to live life without the others. Who will stay? Who will flee?

A New Adult Series from Savannah Rose.

Angela Hood-Ross
Live, Laugh, Love