Friday, February 3, 2017

Where's My Time Machine?

First off, that little feller up there gets a bad rap. I don't really think it's his shadow that scares him back into that burrow, I think it's the fear of being shot! Well, yesterday was Groundhog Day. Did you receive the prediction you hoped for? Are you slowly packing back up your white pants and sandals? Either way, HAPPY (post) GROUNDHOG DAY!

So, "Where's My Time Machine?" My mother use to tell me..."Angela, my darlin' daughter, you were born in the wrong era." And maybe I was. Not to get all political up in here because everyone is entitled to their beliefs and their opinions, but I don't have a problem taking care of the home while my loving husband goes out every day to bring home the bacon. I said "I don't have a problem with it..." I didn't say I had the luxury to do it.

When my children were babies (at home), I was able to keep them from daycare and stay home with them. (Not that anything is wrong with daycare. I just chose not to.) I worked for a company that sold figurines and so I painted those little darlings while taking care of my babies. I loved it.

Once my children were in school, I went to college and even secured my job of fourteen years (and still counting to retirement) at that very same college.

It was during the time I was staying home with my kids, I rekindled the passion I once had for writing. I was reading a Kaye Gibbons book and just thought to myself, "Wow...I want to write like that." I dug out my book of story ideas I'd hidden away several years prior, and began writing. Do I do it for the  money. Heck no...I'd be living in a cardboard box by now. I do it because I love it.

I said all that to say this: I've been on both sides of the "argument". And I can tell you, for me, I was more at peace at home with two screaming toddlers, doing laundry, cleaning house, cooking, taking care of the yard, running around paying bills (we didn't have all this online options back then), and anything else a stay-at-home mom (or housewife) would do than I've had climbing the corporate pay scale. I simply do not have a problem with my husband taking care of what used to be considered manly responsibilities when it came to my family. But that is my life and my opinion. I totally respect anyone (woman) who must be the provider for one reason or another. We do what we have to do.

Don't get me wrong, I completely agree everyone should be entitled to live how they choose, but just as I don't and won't ever judge you, please show me the same respect. We all have dreams...and we should all be able to try and live our dreams...peacefully.

So, to get back on track, yes I should have been born in a different era. I enjoy music from the 80s, 70s, 60s, and even 50s. I can't quite get into the music of today back to the 90s. Which brings me is...

...National the Day the Music Died day. I don't really see putting "Happy" before that but to celebrate, put on some Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, or The Big Bopper music and relax with a slice of scrumptious carrot cake 'cause it's also National Carrot Cake Day!

It's nutritious for goodness sake. It has carrots in it!

And please don't forget to wear read for...

My mother had several strokes in her early- to mid-forties. Later, before she passed almost 10 years ago, she was also diagnosed with heart disease. You can go to for more information.

There is so much going on in the world today that all I can ask is everyone treat others with kindness, compassion, and a little bit of understanding. We may not all agree on "the issues", but that's perfectly okay.

BTW...there are conflicting reports of the groundhog's (or should I say "groundhogs") prediction for Spring 2017. My suggestion? Just layer your clothing and enjoy the day.

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  1. I love being a homemaker. Truly. But some really don't. I don't know which is for groundhogs 's? Always did think it was an odd thing to do though, since spring falls on the same day each year. Or, where I live now, we have no spring so it doesn't much matter. Our autumns though, are heaven.

    Have a most excellent weekend and boogie boogie.

    1. I never really understood why so much pressure was put on that poor groundhog, We really haven't had a winter here, but I think it's coming our way. Have a great weekend, too, Ivy. I'm working on some edits and playing around with (book trailers).