Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The "Love" Month

I once thought my husband and I were the only couple on this planet to not really celebrate Valentine's Day--which BTW is only two weeks away. Turns out, many people don't. I say..."If you can't love me at least 75% of the year, don't pretend on Valentine's Day." But I won't stop anyone from handing me over a ridiculously large box of

So, we start a new month. Awesome! Many people start planning vacations for either Spring Break or Summer Break during this month. At the beginning of the month, we set new goals. February is a month in which people plan surprises for their loving partner for the big St. Valentine's Day tradition.

My goal, my plan, my hope is to finish revisions on my novel "Bobby Jo" and republish it on before the next month begins.

The writing schedule I scratched out during the two week holiday vacation doesn't always work for me, so right now I get in as much writing time as I can. Mainly on the weekends, but that counts, too.

Question for you have anything to change from the previous month? Are you satisfied with how your personal 2017 goals are going so far?

Before I get to the Fun Holiday portion of my blog, remember, February is the month for lovers. If you can't celebrate it throughout the year, try to celebrate your love for at least this month. Don't just target it to one day (February 14th).

And here is your Fun Holiday portion of the program...

Happy National Baked Alaska Day!

Have to admit, I've never tried this. BUT I have had an ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen. Does that count?

For all you snake owners/lovers, Happy National Serpent Day!
Yes, I know. Snakes are evil. Snakes are dangerous. Snakes are gross. I happen to like snakes, it's spiders I detest. But did you know:
  • Only 1/8 of the known species of snakes/serpents are venomous.
  • Snakes/serpents eat their pray whole.
If you happen to come across a snake/serpent, just throw him/her some Baked Alaska...WHOLE!

Bottom line to this entire blog for today is...the reset button has been set. It's a new month. Celebrate the day anyway you'd like, but just celebrate. *And don't forget, if you just need to get that special someone flowers for Valentine's Day, send a plant with roots instead of cut flowers. Nothing says "love" better than a live plant for your honey than cut roses that will wither away in days.*

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  1. I really don't set goals or make lists anymore. Everything sorta fell into place once I got rid of 95 percent of my personal stuff. Now I just take it day by day. Though I used to be big on seasonal goals, that sorta fell off as well. I love it.