Friday, January 27, 2017

Winter IS Coming...Right?

January 2017 is getting ready to bid everyone a fond farewell. And for my little corner of the country, we haven't the slightest idea what season we'll wake up to from one day to the next. Who exactly pissed in Mother Nature's cornflakes?

Actually, I'm very grateful for the mild weather we've been experiencing here down South. Some of my health issues don't act too well when the temperatures dip low in the 40s, 30s, and especially below that range. I am afraid, though, our "warm weather luck" is gong to run out soon. And when it does, remember my motto..."Snow on a no-work-day is USELESS snow." LOL.

So, our temps are going to dip a little lower this last weekend of January 2017. That's okay for me. I have writing to keep me busy. As the last Friday of January dawns, let me help you out with some reasons to celebrate the end of the first month of 2017...


See that...right up above? That's my son's Groom's Cake at his wedding this past summer. Guess what? I'd almost give my right arm for a slice of that today. Instead, I think I'll just go to my local bakery and buy a small, manageable chocolate cupcake to celebrate the day. But that cake up there was divine...simply divine...and almost worth a right arm.

My heart couldn't be happier for a reason to celebrate cake...especially chocolate cake. Did you know chocolate cake has only been around for about 150 years? A moment of silence for those poor people who never even knew what a slice of chocolate cake could do for a person's soul. Celebrate today with chocolate cake in any form or fashion your prefer.

Oh, Happy International Fun at Work Day!

If you started off your day celebrating with chocolate, I'm pretty sure you'll also participate in having fun at work during this international fun holiday (unless you're crashing from a sugar high or don't work on Friday). Whether you work from home or work outside your home, make it a FUN day.

There are several other "Fun Holidays" to celebrate today, Saturday, and Sunday. Look them up. If you're experiencing winter weather in your area of the world, maybe some of these wacky holidays can brighten up an otherwise blah day.

I plan to format my novel "Third Time's A Charm" and get it ready to upload to I might even celebrate with some chocolate cake, again.

Wishing you all a happy last Friday of January 2017. Let me know how you plan to spend this last weekend of the first month of the new year. May you stay cozy and warm if "Winter is Coming" your way.

Author Savannah Rose


  1. Happy Last Friday of the Month to YOU! Right now, we have lots and lots of snow falling. Super pretty.

    1. We didn't get the snow a few weeks ago that we thought we would. However, we've gone from 70 degree weather to close to freezing. Enjoy the snow. I, myself, like to "see" the snow but really get out too much in it. :)