Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Reasons to Celebrate...Every Single Day of the Year

Need a reason to celebrate the day other than the fact you're still breathing? Did you know there is a "fun" National holiday for every single day of the calendar?

As part of my "make my life simpler so I can spend more time having fun with family" resolution for 2017, I've spent a little time researching wacky National holidays. For instance, today (January 11, 2017) is National Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day...

Now how fun would that be?

Also, it's National Milk Day...

So get drunk on nature's bounty...and thank a cow.

Also, it's National Step In A Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day...

If you live where I do, you may have to make your own puddle with the hosepipe but why should that stop you. (Be sure and pick a really, REALLY good friend...just my advice.)

I'm sure there are many more listed out on the vast World Wide Web. Go ahead...Google it. There are even sites giving the history of the holiday and what hashtag to use on social media when posting the great fun you've experienced for these days.

The bottom line is this...there's always a reason to celebrate the day.

If you could declare one of your favorite foods, activities, or just anything you can think of as a National Holiday, what would it be? *Remember PG people...I have family who read this*

Author Savannah Rose

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