Monday, January 30, 2017

Goodbye January 2017

Goodbye January 2017. Tomorrow's the last day. One more day to achieve the goal(s) you set for this first month of 2017. And if you can't, know it's okay. There's still time. Sometimes there are setback but it's all in how we handle those setbacks.

On a more bubbly note...


How does one celebrate such a day, excluding the obvious?

Pop those bubbles! If you've placed a bubble around the fear of failing, or the fear of disappointment, or even the fear of succeeding for the new year, it's time to pop those bubbles. Reality is everyone fails at one time or another. Everyone disappoints someone. And if we're lucky, success IS the end goal, so why be afraid?

People say each New Year's Eve, the next year will be better than the last. A different feeling came over me when 2016 rolled over to 2017. I actually, for the first time ever, believed that it would be a better year.

Who cares if I don't sell a million copies of my books? That's not the reason I write.

Who cares if someone leaves a bad review? We can't please everyone all the time (goes back to fear of disappointment).

Who cares if I can't shed those stubborn pounds? It only matters how I feel about ME.

Today is also National Blue Monday...

When you have a moment alone, take the time to review how January has treated you. Think about the resolutions you made and if today would be a good day to set new goals or have a "do-over".

While you're pondering on Blue Monday, go ahead and comfort yourself with a warm, buttery croissant...

Guess what day it is???

Author Savannah Rose


  1. That's a great outlook. Cool beaners.

    1. Hopefully I can keep this new outlook all year long.

    2. My bets are, you will. Even with some mucky days tossed in here and there, the overall endgame, I believe you got this.