Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th...Good Day? Bad Day? Just Another Day?

Friday the 13th...good day for you? Bad day for you? Or just another day? Why, exactly, does most everyone freak out when the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday?

Studies have shown that retail sales are down the most on this day due to people's fear of even leaving their home. Why? As I researched for answers, I read several religious reasons. There were superstitions about this shunned day. Then there are those who fear this day "just because". Personally, I view Friday the 13th as an excuse to pile up on the couch or my bed and enjoy a movie marathon night. Can you guess which movie?

Maybe my joy for Friday the 13th is because I'm an October baby. Maybe it's because one of my favorite holidays (if not THE favorite) is All Hallow's Eve. Maybe it's because I like to be different and not conform to the "norm". Whatever the reason, I'm excited for today.

If Friday the 13th has you paralyzed with fear and you refuse to go on with your daily routine, let me give you a few reasons to celebrate.

Today is National Make Your Dreams Come True Day...

While you're all secluded in the bottom of your closet with a flashlight and cell phone, think of what you want for your life. Think of what childhood dreams you once had and hope to be able to achieve if you survive this day.

If you find your growling stomach may give you away from your hiding place, I have good news for you. Today is National Peach Melba Day...

Be sure when collecting your survival gear, to celebrate with some Peach Melba.

If you find yourself in need of a companion and an art project while hunkered down, well I have good news for you. Today is National Rubber Ducky Day...

as well as National Sticker Day...

So grab that duck and make him purty.

And if those are not enough to turn your frown upside down, why don't you participate in National Blame Someone Else Day...

When it's all said and done, remember, eventually, Friday the 13th ends and Saturday the 14th will soon begin. And be thankful today is only Friday the 13th and not the day of The Purge.

All joking aside, share with me your thoughts of the beliefs behind Friday the 13th being a day of fear. One of my siblings refuses to leave her house on this day so I know the struggle is real.

Author Savannah Rose


  1. I'm a Halloween gal myself and enjoy Friday the 13th, too. Not as much, but I do enjoy seeing 13, Friday. Have a groovy weekend.

    1. Have a great weekend, too. I have a 3 day day job on Monday. :)