Friday, November 13, 2015

Keep Calm...I'm Halfway There (NaNo Update)

So, thought I'd pop in and give everyone a little update on my NaNoWriMo progress. After a day or two of bed rest (back problems), I am thrilled to say that I have crossed the halfway mark. Over 26,000 words written so far.

Now back to the keyboard. You can also catch me at

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Author Savannah Rose


  1. Sorry about the back problems but CONGRATS on passing the half-way mark. This is huge news.

    1. Thank you (about the back problems). I know. I'm so excited. I struggled with Chapter Eleven but because of that, Chapter Twelve practically wrote itself. Back to the office to work on final edits for "Sunrise Sisterhood". I do believe this is the one I am going to finally try sending out to the world of agents. Big step for me. No more self-pubbing for a while. I have to send out "something" to see what happens. Wish me luck.

    2. I wish you the very best success. If anyone can do it, I know that you can. For sure.